Welcome to my ultimate guide to the best resources for learning Python, web development, GIS, and more resources! Whether you're a beginner just starting out or an experienced developer looking to expand your skills, this comprehensive list has something for everyone. With so many options available, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. That's why I've researched for you and compiled a list of the top resources, including tutorials, courses, and books, that will help you stay up-to-date with the latest advancements in these fields. So whether you're interested in learning Python for data science, building web applications, or exploring the world of GIS, you'll find everything you need here. Let's dive in!

Favorite YouTubers


CoreyMS - BEST Python tutorials.             
VeryAcademy - Django and Python             
CodingEntrepreneurs - Python             
AnthonyWritesCode - Python             
Codemy - Excellent Django/Python tutorials             
PyPlane - Python             
ArjanCodes - Python             
More Django Tutorials             
PyCon US


Net Ninja - Hands down the best JavaScript/Web Youtuber             
CodingInPublic - Great web dev content and collaborator with Net Ninja             
TonyTeachesTech - Web Dev             
Google Chrome Developers - Learn the latest from Chromium             
Google Search Central - Videos about SEO             
TruthSeekersio - Web Dev             
Vandad Vahavandipoor - Web Dev


Mike Miller - GIS Developer             
QiushengWu - GIS Scientist             
KatieScheurer- GIS             
ranchyze923- GIS Developer             
Krishnalohda - GIS Developer             
Spatial Thoughts- GIS             
Geospatial Programming             
GeoDev - Haven't dug too much into his videos, but they look great!             
GIS Simplified - GIS Developer. Haven't checked out this channel yet, but appears to be another good resource for learning stuff like GeoServer.   
Matt Forrest - Excellent and clear "Spatial SQL" tutorials. Covers the latest and greatest technologies. Highly recommend!


FreeCodeCamp - Great tutorials and projects             
QuantifiedScientist - Review wearables in a profound, scientific way.             
Christopher Okhravi - Computer Science Thinking             
TheBehavioralArts- Body Language Expert             
TheOrganicChemistryTutor - Math


JS Party- Learn about the latest and greatest from JS and TypeScript.             
Real Python Podcast - A wonderful collection of Python-focused Podcasts. My favorite is the one they did with the creator of Flask, Armin Ronarcher. Check it out here.             
Talk Python To Me - Doesn't just talk about Python. Stay up-to-date on the latest in tech!             
Python Bytes - Interesting interviews in the world of Python.             
Programming Throwdown - Each episode focused on a new language/technology. It's hit or miss, but the hits are perfect!             
CoRecursive - Focus on 'coding stories.' A great collection of a behind-the-scenes look at successes and failures in tech.             
Full Stack Radio - Episodes focus on web development.              
Techmeme Ride Home - Short (15-30min) daily shows that cover the latest.             
The Changelog - One of my favorite podcasts. Interesting shows that dive deep into new tech developments.             
MapScaping - A great podcast for keeping up with the Geospatial community.             
Lex Fridman Podcast - Prepare for LONG episodes (3+ hours). Lex is great at bringing in a huge spectrum of guests. A few gems pop up from time to time and are worth a listen!     
Big Technology Podcast - Love getting the inside scoop on the latest developments in tech.    
Minds Behind Maps - In-depth conversations with the movers and shakers within geospatial.


General Tech

TLDR - My favorite general newsletter to keep track of tech without getting political.             
Better Dev - Weekly collection of dev-focused articles and resources              
Changelog News - From the creators of JS Party and Changelog podcast, learn about the latest in tech!            
DevInterrupted - Great interviews and technical articles about the industry at large.             
Daily Tech - Short daily summary of new tech developments.          
Big Technology - Great collection of articles in the tech world          
The Pragmatic Engineer - Focuses on startups, equity, and the financial side of being an engineer. 
The Hybrid Hacker - "Level-up your Engineering career in just 10 mins per week" 
Programming Digest - Short newsletter covering relevant tech topics. 


Spatial Thoughts Newsletter - Geospatial news and tools in your inbox each week!             
GIS Lounge- GIS-focused articles with geospatial job postings as well!             
Line of Actual Control - A brilliant geospatial deep dive on different topics. Top-notch stuff! One of my favorite things to read when it comes in.             
A closer Look with Joe Morrison - Geospatial newsletter focused on EO (Earth Observation).           
OpenSourceGISData - Interesting posts on a variety of geospatial topics.            
GeoAwesomeness - Tends to be EO focused, but great stuff like the yearly top Geospatial companies list.         
OGC Newsletter - The latest news and geospatial events from the Open Geospatial Consortium


WDRL - A laundry list of articles related to webdev.             
Web Development Reading List - A fast-to-finish list of articles to help you stay up-to-date with web development.


Awesome-Newsletters (Github Repo) - A huge curated list of tech newsletters organized by topic and programming language.             
Consumer Reports - My favorite resource for increasing my knowledge as a consumer. I actually pay for an annual subscription for product reviews.       
Efficiency Is Everything - The ultimate life hacker who shares tips and tricks for saving time and money everywhere in your life. 

Discord Servers

Discord Gophers(Golang)              
OSSU(Open Source Degree in CS!)              
Kevin Powell Community (CSS)             
NapGod (Polyphasic Sleeping)             
SpeakJS (JavaScript)             
Unofficial Django Discord             
DeckGL (Slack)

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