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Inspirations I really liked how she added a fade-in to her content on load. I emulated this with a fade-in keyframe. I admire his footer and privacy policy. I used both for inspiration when creating my footer and privacy policy. Her 'Get in Touch' section is superb. I borrowed a lot of strings she uses including the link text, "Say Hello"

Kevin Powell I stole Kevin's expanding buttons.

Smashing Magazine The large text and placeholder text in the search navigation was inspiring.

Shout Outs I freaking love MDN. Thank you to all the folks at Mozilla who maintain it.

Thank you to Coreyms and CFE for the tutorials that got this blog started

DenverCoder1 Typing SVG Github Repo I used this repo to create the typing SVG you see at the top of my portfolio page.

anuraghazra/github-readme-stats Github repo that powers the Github stats featured on the portfolio page.

Icons and Logos Social share buttons used on post-detail page.

Arrow up Bootstap icon Arrow up Bootstap icon for scroll-to-top behavior.

Shopify Logo Maker Shopify's logo maker created the logo.

Misc Used this site to generate avatars used in the testimonial section on the portfolio page.

OnlyManu (Github Repo) Used this 404 page for my 404 page.

CSS Tricks I legitamately just copied and pasted the link underline animation (I changed the color and changed the selectors)

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