You've already Googled your question like a Senior Engineer. Perhaps you've even read my post on how to search effectively using Duckduckgo and tried alternate search engines like Brave Goggles and PHIND.

The following steps are an abridged version of what you will read on Stack Overflow's article on asking good questions.

Steps to Ask a Good Programming Question

  1. Explain what you want to happen and why…
  2. …and what actually happens, and your best guess at why.
  3. ...and any workarounds you're currently using or have considered along with the approaches you've ruled out.
  4. Use code blocks with syntax highlighting and include any error messages you got.
  5. Include a working demo if possible

Example Questions I've asked in Open Source Repos .../ckeditor5-ui/theme/mixins/_rwd.css could not be found when running collectstatic

Ckeditor5 fails when using a widget on a field with django.forms.TextArea

(Bonus) Enhancements I've made in Open Source Repos That Were Implemented

Add the ability to include a 'pause' at the end of a typed line before the next line begins

Support ImageInsert plugin

Add General HTML Support

Ckeditor does not look good in Django admin dark theme

Support ckeditor media upload folder setting to upload images to a specific folder