A few months ago, I wrote a post about how to use search parameters to optimize web searches with DuckDuckGo. I've found a way to incorporate a lot of those ideas automatically in searches using Brave Search Googles.

Goggles enable any individual—or community of people—to alter the ranking of Brave Search by using a set of instructions (rules and filters). Anyone can create, apply, or extend a Goggle. Essentially Goggles act as a custom re-ranking on top of the Brave search index.

- Brave

I created two goggles that I use every day to search the web.

  1. No Crap goggles
  2. No Crap Goggles + Remove top 1000 websites

Both goggles remove copycats (sites that just scrape StackOverflow and re-host) and low-quality sites (W3schools) while boosting .edu and .org, and official documentation sites. The second goggle goes a step further by removing the top 1000 websites on the internet.

Creating a goggle is super easy. Check out the quickstart guide.