The following sites have estimated the value of my domain, These values were all gathered on 3/11/22

Godaddy Domain Appraisal - $1,320

Estibot - Less than $100 has an excellent video on how to price and sell domains. Several factors affect domain name value including: length, pronounceability, sales of domains with similar keywords, whether it is a .com or .net (and more).

Did you know that no one owns a domain, but they are leased by domain name registrars acredited by ICANN.

I don’t think is worth what the Godaddy estimator thinks it is. Who knows!

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I am a Senior Software Engineer with a focus on geospatial applications, based in the Columbus, OH metropolitan area. This blog is where I delve into the intricacies of GIS (Geographic Information Systems), offering deep dives into different components of the geospatial technology stack. For those who share a passion for GIS and its applications, you've found a spot to explore and learn.

Interested in collaborating or learning more about my work? Take a look at my portfolio for a showcase of my projects and expertise.


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