I recently tried prettier out on HTML files in my project. Unfortunately, it tends to break Django template code and Prettier doesn't intend to fix it. Makes sense as it's tricky that Python is whitespace sensitive and Prettier's userbase is mainly JS devs.

Django devs beware! Don't use prettier if you use Django's templating engine!!!!


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John Solly

Hi, I'm John, a Software Engineer with a decade of experience building, deploying, and maintaining cloud-native geospatial solutions. I currently serve as a senior software engineer at New Light Technologies (NLT), where I work on a variety of infrastructure and application development projects.

Throughout my career, I've built applications on platforms like Esri and Mapbox while also leveraging open-source GIS technologies such as OpenLayers, GeoServer, and GDAL. This blog is where I share useful articles with the GeoDev community. Check out my portfolio to see my latest work!