When I first created this blog, I used Apache to handle all the web requests and serve static files. With this PR blogthedata.com has a new web server (Nginx) and application server (Gunicorn)!

Here's what I did:

1 - Export blogthedata database from postgres

2 - Shut down existing Ubuntu VM 

3 - Create new Ubuntu VM

4 - Create new DNS A records in Cloudflare to redirect to the new IP address

5 - Follow this guide to install all the components.

6 - Re-run Certbot to install new HTTPS certificates



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John Solly Profile Picture
John Solly Profile Picture

John Solly

Hi, I'm John, a Software Engineer with a decade of experience building, deploying, and maintaining cloud-native geospatial solutions. I currently serve as a senior software engineer at New Light Technologies (NLT), where I work on a variety of infrastructure and application development projects.

Throughout my career, I've built applications on platforms like Esri and Mapbox while also leveraging open-source GIS technologies such as OpenLayers, GeoServer, and GDAL. This blog is where I share useful articles with the GeoDev community. Check out my portfolio to see my latest work!