Purpose and Goal

I loved playing asteroids as a kid. Why not re-create it in TypeScript. I think making games is one of the best ways to learn, so when I decided I wanted to get more into JavaScript web development, I thought it was a great way to do it! 


The initial implementation comes from following this Youtube Tutorial. At the end of the tutorial, the game is contained within a ~700 line single <script> tag within an HTML page. I started with a major refactoring where I split the app into 10 modules, applied strict linting rules, and converted the whole thing to TypeScript. 

Tech Stack Explanation

Node and React are arguably the most popular front and backend technologies in the web world right now (Aug 2022). I figure they are a good place to start since I don't have experience with other frameworks. 

I choose Vercel for hosting because they make it really easy to deploy QA/Staging/production environments that are triggered when a Github branch is updated. As I get more experienced with TypeScript, I will probably migrate to something like Deno that is fast and TypeScript-focused.

Lessons Learned

Coming soon!