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Leaflet Map

When I created, I placed the server in Dallas, TX, because I believed it would be closest to the most amount of users. Both U.S. coasts are heavily populated; a server location in the central US would prevent round trips across the country.

Curious if I made the right choice, I wanted to make a map of all my site visitors to see where they are coming from. Luckily, I already had a great information source as I was collecting IP addresses to count post likes and views. I geocoded the IP addresses using a service called Ipinfo and wrote a blog post about it (spoiler alert - I was correct but underestimated my international traffic). 

I really liked Ipinfo's IP address map, but the only way I could put it on my site was to embed it as an image. That's no fun! I decided to make my own map that was interactive and automatically updated. Learn more about how I created this map with PostGIS and Leaflet.js.

Mapbox Map

OpenLayers Map

Maplibre Map